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Hella Hella – Our Second Home

Porters Hella Hella (1)

High up on Highover:
Porters Hella Hella (20)

Hella Hella was our second home in the 80’s and 90’s. Barry Porter and Aitch got on famously and spent many a happy hour botanising on Game Valley Estates. Barry loved having an interested and knowledgeable companion who didn’t think him weird when he spoke Latin! Aitch was fascinated by plants and her part-time work at Geoff Caruth’s Geoff’s Jungle nursery and drank in all the new stuff she learnt on “Hella Hella”.

Just as she’d do with me and birds, Aitch was always an investigative reporter-type of learner: “Are you sure? How do you know? What are the points that make it that? What else could it be?” Jeeesh! You had to be sharp!

Of course every now and then her questioning would wake you to the fact that, actually, you had got it wrong, and then together you’d come up with the correct identification. Oh boy, and she loved that “See, boy? Better watch it!” she’d say triumphantly.

Lynne would feed and entertain us and we’d spend lovely evenings in their company.

Barry gave Aitch a CD and penned this little note with it:

Dear Trish ,
In memory of past pleasant hours spent botanising on Game Valley ;  and in appreciation of your enthusiastic company and assistance on numerous trips up to Highover .
I hope you enjoy the CD ROM , it’s unfortunate that my scanner can’t scan 35mm slides , I have a far larger collection of slides and many are of better quality than the photos used in this presentation .
Just enjoy ! Some of the identifications may be a little off themark so don’t let that worry you .
Love , Barry

PS: I visited Hella Hella first with Richenda Wimbury, a great friend of Lyn & Barry Porter. She had met Lyn on the boat crossing the Atlantic from Pom to SA yonks before. She was a kid and Lyn a young adult.
Richenda then introduced Aitch to me and we visited Hella Hella together.
Long after Richenda left for Pom, Aitch and I continued to visit about monthly, eventually getting married on the farm* and continuing our visits for years until just after the kids invaded us.

*Ours was to be the first wedding on the farm, but then just before our day a hunting couple spontaneously decided to get hitched and had a quick ceremony, pipping us to the post! I guess you’d call that a shotgun weddings?

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