It’s Electrifying!

My rates bill for 10 Elston is around R3500 per month.
Last month it was much more interesting: R152 000. I paid R3500 and wrote to them.
This month it’s R153 000, so I sighed and made an effort.

I paid R3500 again, wrote again – email – and then phoned the number on the bill for “any queries”.

They immediately said “No, you must phone THIS number, not our number”, and gave me a different number and a name.
I did not ask “So why the hell is YOUR number on the bill?”. I’m polite.

Got hold of a human being (one that didn’t pick up and put down!) named Helen who looked online and said “Do you also own 11 Elston Place?” Nope. “Oh. It seems a Mr Mbambo’s account from number 11 has been transferred to yours”.

Aha! For the last year or so Andile and Lovemore have been asking to charge their Mom’s cellphone while they visit. Their surname is Mbambo. Their Dad drives a new Mercedes Benz 320GL which occasionally visits our road. Not often. He has split from their Mom and MAYBE the reason their electricity has been cut is because he has stopped paying his rent and his rates?

AND: He used to work for the municipality, so maybe he got a china to solve the problem by shoving his arrears at no. 11 over onto no. 10?

Hopefully I’ll see resolution soon!!

AND: They haven’t asked for cellphone charging lately. Maybe they’ve had electricity again for the last month or so? I hope so for their sake – even tho it will probably be temporary . . .


Credit where credit is due. I was credited in full. Helen sorted me out.
Hats off to Helen!!

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It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

One thought on “It’s Electrifying!

  1. Swannie look on the positive side. On the 1 April as a birthday present to yourself (as a Senior Citizen) you register for RATES REBATE 2015/2016 which must be done by no later than 30 April


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