The Considerate Crocodile

Saturday morning, and it’s just the boys, as Aitch is in Johannesburg and Jessie slept over at Annabelle’s.
Tom & I have just spent the night in our beach shelter on the school playing fields in the annual Livingstone School Campout, and we’re driving home. He’s in grade 1.

Dad, did you see the lions come to drink and the one crocodile ate the little cub?

No, TomTom, where did you see that?

On TV.

Dad, if I was a crocodile I’d just live on the water and not eat babies. I’d be a vegetarian to other animals.

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  1. At the time I posted this (years ago) I received this comment:
    I have just read virtually your entire blog. Reading it has brought back so many memories for me of growing up in Westville. My grandparents lived in an old house in Windsor Avenue (15) and I had many good times in that road. My dad also had a kombi, but we had the same one from 1984 til 2002 when he left the country. In the end it had lost door handles, a few gears, most braking capacity and more. We had to push it every morning to start it, sho, good workout! And it was famous in the neighbourhood as “the Brown mobile” (it was brown and our surname is Brown) for the infernal racket it made.

    You have a wonderful sense of humour and your children sound wonderful too. – carlyb

    I replied Hey, thank you! All I have to do is write what they say, mostly. Yesterday Tommy told me I was older than trees, in fact I was from the days of woolly mammoths!


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