Mogotlho Lodge on the Mabibi River

Ten days in a verdant green Botswana in the ‘off-season’ – or ‘out-of-season’. What bliss. Here’s my lil sis Janet doing our pre-trip inspection of her trusty 1989 Toyota Hilux which clicked over to 400 000km on our way to the community trust area we visited in the Khwai river area near where Moremi and Chobe game reserves share a boundary.

Mogothlo Lodge.jpg
Janet Toyota Speedo Maun.jpg

We thought of “getting out and pushing it a mile” ala John Denver “back in 1958, we drove an old V8” but we thought, nah, let’s just sing about it!

It was this green:

20180318_Mogotlho Lodge (250)

In places it was muddy:

20180318_Mogotlho Lodge (148).jpg

Knee-high grass and lots of water meant the animals were sparsely scattered all over. Even the Mababe Depression was wet. The first time I saw it was 1985 and it was bone-dry. That was also the last time I had been there overland. In-between I have visited Maun and the Delta often, and flown to Kasane, Savuti, Chobe river and Hwange.

20180318_Mogotlho Lodge (230)

Janet organised it all along with outback trader, photographer and established curmudgeon Lee Ouzman; also with keen wildlife enthusiasts and expert 4X4 drivers Bev and Ash Norton, all hard-drinking Maun locals. I had to smack back the gin to keep up. I’ll add a random few photos taken from Lee’s website (not taken on this trip). His website is worth a visit! Do go and check it out.

Mogotlho Lodge Khwai River.jpg

What a wonderful trip. Peaceful and fun with lovely laidback folk and cold beers and gin n tonics! We had all of my kind of good weather: showers, sunshine and massive thunderheads, and especially: no wind; lots of animals; plenty of good birding. My specials included Allen’s Gallinule, Lesser Moorhen, African Marsh Harrier, Rufous-bellied Heron, Kori Bustard.

Night sounds included Pearl-spotted Owlet, White-faced Owl, Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, African Scops Owl, hyenas, lions and elephants. We also saw three lions, lots of eles, hippo, croc, kudu, waterbuck, impala, zebra, buffalo, slender mongoose, dwarf mongoose, tree squirrels, baboons, a hover fly and one ear-fly.

20180318_Mogotlho Lodge Ear Fly.jpg
The red represents swear-words

We were here: (click to enlarge)

Map Mogothlo.jpg
Map Moremi_Chobe border
in the yellow circle

Back to the metropolis of Maun, and then on to Khumaga after a few days.


  1. Jon Taylor says:

    Sounds like a great break – all the green is reflecting on my face as I look at the photos. Dont wait thutty years before you revisit


  2. headhuntbds says:

    Quite envious ,I am………….


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      We must go while Janet is still there. March is out of season, we had Mogotlho Lodge to ourselves one night, one other party the next night. On the tracks we saw very few vehicles. Paradise!


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