Ant Lions and a Funeral

The ant lions under the eaves are being disturbed since Jessie moved in to my en-suite bedroom.

Here you can see their pits and a few trails . They make the trails when they emerge to prowl around at night. By day they lurk in their pits in the rain shadow under the wide eaves outside our bedroom windows. Jess now uses their hunting ground as a path between her little porch and our big patio. So they’re probably grumbling a bit.

I added the toad for fun – he was lurking on Tommy’s deck –

Meantime I put out a bunch of stuff to be taken away by Electronic Cemetery. PC’s a printer, cables, thin client modules and a bunch of other stuff. They disassemble, remove what they can sell or recycle, separate the throw away bits and generally see that this horrible pollution is disposed of as best as can be.

While loading it up into the back of their two ton truck, the fella pulled down his mask, grinned at me and said in his best sombre undertaker tone: ‘Don’ Worry! We’ll Give Them A Good Burial!’


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