Annie and her Sherpas

Mt aux Sources, winter 1993. Sheila organises a gang to summit the peak.

Anne Euthemiou brings two strapping nephews to haul her four-poster double bed and duvet up the chain ladder. I hand out paklightna snacks at all stops on the way up.

Once up the chain ladder, Sheils insist we camp in the most exposed spot on the escarpment, where howling gales lean our little dome tents at 45° angles. Aitch went to bed before me to stop the tent from rolling away! I had to brave the gale a while longer to finish the Old Brown sherry. Late at night Doug n Tracey Hyslop fight off imaginary ‘intruders’.

Next morning we find out why Sheil had insisted on the spot: That’s the sunrise view from our tent.

This is why Sheila made us camp in THE most exposed spot!

On top I collect reciprocal snacks from all n sundry who carried heavy packs up all the way, while I had lightened mine.

Chilly, windy, glorious mid-winter morning.

Wasn't hot. Aitch still huddling in the tent!

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