Yay! Study leave! Freedom!

Dad, I’ve got tomorrow off for study leave!  “Can we go to the Pavilion?”, says Jess, pulling my leg, rattling my cage and testing my alertness.

Luckily I twig she’s revving me and I say, “SURE, dear! Let’s spend the whole day there and spend LOTS of money!’

Tom pipes up in the background: “He’s saying no”.


2012/11/04 Brauer wrote:

What her Dof Dad seems to have overlooked is that she might be majoring in sociology and there’s no better place to do research than at the Pavilion.


Oh, she’s definitely majoring in sociHology. She and Rita Durban went shopping to Pavilion today. When I got home she was hopping up and down: All those clothes she’s been on at me about for AGES she’s finally got!
And is she CHUFFED!?
I had a fashion parade tonight. Mostly shorts, baggies and short tops.

She has one dress. I think she has worn it once.
She wore beautiful black slacks and a short salmon-coloured top to her cousin’s wedding.
She dances here all day every day, but wouldn’t dance at the wedding.
My Jess.

Her main focus now is her 15th birthday party. This Saturday. Dancing disco with boys, then a sleepover, girls-only.



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