A Plan Comes Together

So here we go: 2016. January.

High School (2); Tommy Swanepoel

He sure looked swish in his tie and blazer. Hates the grade eight compulsory short pants, though! I bid him farewell and he set off up the road. Years of doing the carpool lift to school had come to an end.

Eleven Years after Aitch decided we had to move out of River Drive, Tom walked to school.

Just as Aitch had planned. *

WBHS satellite (2)

300m as the crow flies, 500m on foot including a detour through the shopping centre!


* In 2005 Aitch said to me in the driveway at 7 River Drive, “We must sell up here and move.” I said What? No, I’m going to die here. Right here in River Drive.

“No you’re not,” she said, “We have to move.”

Why? I asked, already feeling myself conceding defeat to the resident estate agent. I knew she’d have a good reason.

“We’re out of the school catchment zone,” she said. Which school catchment zone? I asked, puzzled. “Westville Boys High,” she said. What’s that got to do with us? I asked, faintly. “I want Tom to go to WBHS” said she who knows things.

But he’s only TWO! I said, sensing victory.

“I know,” she said, delivering the coup de grace. We moved.



  1. Petrea Lodder says:

    Perhaps his dad’s car didn’t make the cool list


  2. Bruce Soutar says:

    Best plan ever. Live close enough to walk home.saves fetching and carrying and the traffic hassels associated. Viva Trish.


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