When did Saffers . .

. . start thinking of going on “trips up north” ?

As a colonial, I had long contemplated making an expedition into the regions north of the Cape Colony and Natal, but not until that year was I able to see my way clear to accomplish it.
At that time the Cape Colony was not so well known as it is now, and Natal much less; more particularly beyond its northern boundary, over the Drakensberg mountains, for few besides the Boers had ever penetrated beyond the Free State and Transvaal; and when on their return journey to Maritzburg, to sell their skins and other native produce, I had frequent conversations with them, the result was that nothing was known of the country beyond their limited journeys. This naturally gave me a greater desire to visit the native territories, and, being young and full of energy, wishing for a more active life than farming, although that is active during some part of the year, I arranged my plans and made up my mind to visit these unknown regions, and avail myself of such opportunities as I could spare from time to time to go and explore the interior.

That’s a quote from Andrew A. Anderson in 1860 in his book “Twenty-Five Years in a Waggon in South Africa – Sport and Travel in South Africa”. *


So the answer I suppose, is: As long as we’ve been here.

*Free to read at Project Gutenberg:

Read about the amazing Project Gutenberg here.

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