This got me thinking about everlasting life. ‘This’ being wonderful posts on fungi (and algae) over at Tony Edger’s blog Fossils and other Living Things.

‘Everlasting life’ people come in various flavours. The main lot say you have to die with the right mindset, accepting Allah (Mohammed born 570) or Joseph Smith jr (born 1805) or Jesus (born 0) or Ron L Hubbard (born 1911) or some such ‘saviour.’ Another group of ‘live forevers’ are the ‘you are what you eat – keep-you-goings,’ who believe nutrition science will find a way to keep us alive forever sooner or later. Somehow, magically, the weird stuff you are told to eat saves you, surviving your stomach acid. Then the cryo ‘freeze-you-now-revive-you-laters,’ let you do what you like, some clever people – yet to be born – will fix you later. Keeping you cold is expensive, so some of them just freeze your head!

So the one says Think Right and you’ll live forever (or else you’ll burn forever!); the other says Eat Right and you’ll live for ever (with a milder threat of ‘or else you won’t’). The cryos seem to let you do what you want.

Blah Blah




The End



  1. Harry says:

    And always there… the threat… the stick and carrot approach (literally in the eat-right group).

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    1. bewilderbeast says:

      🙂 I luvvit! Eat this carrot or I’ll beat you with this stick! – Oh, and if eat the carrot like a good boy, you’ll have lovely red hair and great eyesight. All bullshit, but sold and re-sold over and over! Actually, I haydit!


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