Lockdown – In Our Lucky Valley

Random pictures from lockdown in our valley. I won’t get all the credits right, but for starters, lots of bird pics from Roger Hogg, lots of butterfly, moth and caterpillar – and many other creatures – from Suncana. And a few from me: ~~~oo0oo~~~


Lepidopterists lead exciting lives! This from my LepSoc newsletter: Hi everyone; We will be doing a day trip to Tswaing crater, just north of Pretoria, on the 24th September, where special butterflies such as Brown-lined Sapphires, Saffron Sapphires, Hutchinson’s Highfliers, etc. can be seen. ~~~~o0o~~~~Us lepidopterists see not only these high fliers, but others suchContinue reading “Lepidopterism”

One gets forgotten

David Swanepoel was a wonderful lepidopterist back in the 1950’s and ’60’s. He discovered many butterflies and some were named swanepoelii after him. I wanted to find out more about him so went searching the ‘net for him (use ixquick.com). Here’s what I got: Candice Swanepoel as a butterfly! I then found this: Mark WilliamsContinue reading “One gets forgotten”