Honeymoon 1988 itinerary

Miami airport – 3rd March 1988;
Fly on to Orlando, Florida – Sheraton Hotel
Disney World
Epcot Centre
Merritt Island – sparrows and mosquitos
Kennedy Space Centre
Titusville (Town Motel $28.90 for the room)
Biscayne Nature Reserve
Florida City (Town Motel)
Everglades – Long Pine Key; Mrazek Lake; Mahogany Hammock
Flamingo Lodge
Big Cypress – Saturday, 12 March
Everglade City
Rod & Gun Club – 2 nights – all the above in Florida

San Francisco, California – Tuesday, 15th March
Walked , bussed and rode trams in the city
Howard Johnson’s Motel
Hire a Ford 351 cubic inch V8 RecVee from Western RV Rentals!
Escalon (sleep in a parking lot – free!)
Yosemite National Park
Walk to Mirror Lake
Badger Pass Ski Resort
Wawona Rail Creek
Camp in Wawona campground (pay $6 in a box – honour system)
Maraposa Grove
Paso Robles
Santa Marguerita – Campground ($8)
Santa Marguerita Lake
Los Osos; Baywood Park
Morro Bay
Cayucos Beach
San Simeon
Los Padres National Forest
Plaskett Creek camp ($8) – Van loo overflowed – Big clean up delayed departure!
Sunset Beach camp ($12 and no facilities!), so went on to KOA camp ($20.95, but all amenities)
Santa Cruz
Natural Bridges Park
Halfmoon Bay
Returned RecVee – paid $59 damage for a scrape in Yosemite! Ouch!
Total $679 for 7 nights – more than carhire + motels!! But fun.
Hired a car (from Snappy!) and drove around SF – Lombard Street, Chinatown,
Over Golden Gate bridge to Muirwoods Rec area & beach
Marin – Fountain Motel
Downtown SF – shops (Macy’s, Sears, JC Penney
Slept in the airport; Aitch wrote postcards

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Tuesday, 24th March (via Salt Lake City)
Toyota Tercel 4WD
Antler Motel ($28 for the room); Dinner at The Blue Lion (delish. Aitch: “Like St Geran”)
Breakfast at Vernet Cafe
Wilson (saw Dippers!)
Dinner at Anthony’s
Turned back before Teton Village (snow) on Moose/Jenny Lake road
Moran Junction to Jackson Lake
Sleigh ride at Teton Village – see a white grouse in a tree
Kelly (NE of Jackson Hole)

Seattle, Washington (via Salt Lake City) – Sunday 27th March 1988
Puget Sound
San Juan Islands
Anacortes – San Juan Motel
Ferry crossing to Guernes (Guemes?)
Orcas Island
Capt Cook’s Resort
Drive up Mt Constitution until snow blocks road
Walk around Mountain Lake
East Sound
Doe Bay Resort
Decatur – stay in rustic cabin (very rustic!) – hot tubs, ‘suits optional’
Back on ferry – 30th March

Fly south to Dallas/ Fort Worth – then back north to Lawton, Oklahoma – 30 March

(Air hostess said its Easter – and newspaper said you don’t want to be flying over Easter)
Drive to the farm outside Apache – Apache Oklahoma – 31st March
Only Jimmy there when we arrive
Jim & Katie arrive – 4yrs since my last visit
Anadarko shopping

Jim gives me the Chevy Suburban 4X4 keys – ours to drive

1st April, my birthday – Breakfast in bed!
Lunch with Granma (Patterson)
Mary Kate arrives from OU

Big family gathering at Plantation Restaurant in Wichita Wildlife Reserve
Meers (and past the old Patterson Ranch)

Jim gives Aitch the Cadillac convertible keys – hers to drive!

Tuesday 5 Apr – Take the Cadillac convertible to town to the First National Bank’s drive-in window
Porter Hill
Clung’s Store

Fly away!! Lawton/Dallas/Ft Worth/Little Rock Arkansas/Cicinatti – Akron
Akron, Ohio – Friday 8 April
Dave “Z” picked us up and took us to his condominium and fed us (Larry busy)
Larry’s home
Cuyahoga River State Park (Quarry area)
Shopping at a great Deli
Larry cooks steaks
Kendall Lake
Lake Erie
Supper at a French restaurant on Larry; Home to liquers and piano and song
Bed 2am, rise 5.30am

Boston, Massachusetts – 13 April

Rent a car and drive on the busiest highway to date – thru Boston in traffic
Hingham (stay in motel $39)
Cape Cod
Daniel Webster Inn for supper
Sandwich (stay in Country Acres Motel $33)
Wellfleet Bay
Meadows Motel ($35)
Boston Ramada Inn ($89 for the room! Most expensive night in the USA)

Boston/ JFK New York/ London – 18 April 1988

Use the free ticket we got for giving up our seat on an overfull flight to get from Boston to JFK

Next England – to Kent with Val & Pete Excell, who take us on a road tip to Cornwall to Mel’s folks Den & Mary Blewett’s farm outside Bodmin.

Then home HOME to our Marriott Road flat in Durban.

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