We once had a robbery. In 2005 at 10 Windsor Avenue.


We got home to find the place ransacked (waddaya mean “How did we know?” – when Aitch was there we were fairly tidy! Sort of).

Turns out Aitch’s jewellery (including her sapphire & diamond engagement ring) was missing, which was no biggie – she didnt even replace much. AND her Zeiss binocs! Now this was a bigger deal! She loved her binoculars and used them A LOT.

Years earlier she had decided they had been stolen (at 7 River Drive) and I said “No, we’ve just mislaid them”. After a long time I had to concede: “OK, they probably are gone, but we may have lost them” (I hate saying “stolen” unless I really know that!). Well, they turned up about two years after they first went missing – in the back of our socks shelf!! *blush*

But this time they really were gone and SO:

She got a brand new pair of Zeiss Victory FL T* 8X32 ‘s!!

Zeiss 8X32 Aitch's


Mine are 10X40’s from around 1986 when I bought them for R1800 having refused to pay R750 a couple of years before as that was outrageous. Well they just kept going up as the Rand weakened. Today I use mainly Aitch’s newer 8X32’s.

What you say?

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