Aitch is in Bloemfontein in a new rental Toyota Yaris. She’s working.

Feeling peckish, she drives to a take-away, but she can’t find the button for the window, so has to open the door to order and receive her double cheese burger (while the cat’s away the cat will play!).

Later she searches again. Where on earth have they hidden the window button? Not on the door, not on the console. Next stop is a hospital and there’s a boom, so she stops beforehand and conducts a thorough search. Doesn’t want to be caught at the boom with cars hooting behind her.

Oh! Here it is. Attached to a handle with a round knob on it and you have to actually go round ‘n round and wind the thing MANUALLY! Using your whole arm!

Who would have thought?! Whatever will they think of next?

Aitch window winder

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