MiniShova Downhill Ride

Early morning start in Hillcrest for the 35km downhill cruise.


Whizzed down the hill again this year, with TomTom keeping up his undertaking not to whinge once. He didn’t.
And he beat his Dad across the line.


MiniShova (4)
Jess got the family gold, though, tiring of the dawdling boys and zooming off in the last few km’s as always.
Sheila dropped us off in Hillcrest again, and we fetched the bakkie at her flat after the “race”. The steepest uphills are those after the finish – from the Moses MaFIFA stadium to her flat – after breakfast!

You too, TomTom!
You too, TomTom!
Sindi's medal! Well done, girl!
Sindi’s medal! Well done, girl!

Lovely day.
My bum is sore, Dad.


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