Reality Checks

Did my five-yearly drivers’ licence renewal today. Its a good thing when you think the last time I did it I was an irresponsible 52yr-old.
In and out in just under an hour, and all the people pretty pleasant or neutral, so no sweat.

Only problem is I only looked at my form after I’d coughed the R250.
They gave me 6/9 vision (AELOHCT – there, I’m 6/6, dammit), and put some old bald bastard with jowels and three chins’ photo on it! He looks like a bloody FreeState farmer.

Still, I’m not going back. I’ll just keep it.


Jaynee J (that’s her top right in the pic holding the cute dog) replied:

LaRaine (that’s her top left in the pic holding the other dog) took me for mine when I was in JHB recently. We needed to be quick, lots to do. “It won’t be busy” she claimed!
Surprise – it wasn’t!

I ignored the ‘senior citizens’ booth and went to the ‘normal’ folk one.
Sat down in front of the testing screen and wondered why he was taking so long to activate the test! Nothing! Nada, nix!

Eventually a flashing light got my attention and then the odd ‘E’.


I was given a second chance – failed. And given a form to take to ‘my nearest Spec Savers’ – generic term for ‘place you test your eyes.’

I go up to Laraine. “OK”, she says “I told you it would be quick, now let’s just go and pay and that’s sorted!”
“But I can’t see Lari!!” I wailed!
“What do you mean you can’t see?” – she’s incredulous!
“I failed! We have to go and find a Pete!”

Needless to say there wasn’t a Spec Savers in Lari’s mall – so into a Torga I went. I know. It was hard, but time was of the essence.

Breezed up to the counter – still in a hurry.
“Hi, I just failed my eye test at the licence place and need one done quickly and, by the way – how’s Torga?”

“She died.”

It was one hell of a day!!!!!


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