The Great Occasional Downhill Bike Ride to Lilani Spa – GODBiRitoLS.

Named after the fashion of the more famous GABRAN (Great Annual Bike Ride Across Natal), this one is much better! All downhill; Only 17km; Ends at a hot water spring with spa baths! In which you can drink cold beer. Getting back out is done with kombi power, not pedal power. Easy!

Lilani Bike Ride (1) crop

This time Aitch drove the kombi, stopping frequently to take pictures, while I shepherded the unruly mob down on mountain bikes. Both of them.

Lilani Sleepover_1.jpg
Lilani Sleepover_1-001.jpg

See another Lilani Spa bike ride here.

Read what I know of the history of this lovely resort here.



  1. headhuntbds says:

    You GOTTA beleve it we have laid down the bones on the recent road trip


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