Jess Sweet Sixteen

So we’ve survived Jessie’s Sweet Sixteen party. The wild breakout and breakaway is yet to come. They had an innocent ball. Tom helped get the place ready:

– setting up – 12yr-old TomTom helps –

No sex, no drugs, not even any rock’nroll. I didn’t even smell cigarettes!
Swimming, sweets and hiphop & rap music instead. Mainly hip hop. With lumo lights:

– they all wore glitter or reflecting stuff – and lumo make-up –

The guys went home, and all I got left now after midnight is six girls snoring in the cottage.

Next day they were back to being kids:

– Aitch’s underwater Olympus was put to lotsa use – much posing –


. . Later, Jessie started getting to grips with her sweet sixteen gift: A scooter and scooter lessons.


Cosmoore Jenny Fyvie wrote: So divine; looks like they had a lot of fun. The way it should be! Enjoy the sweet sixteen while it lasts. Was Tommy banished?


Yep, Tom went off to a friend’s place – better! Twelve and Sixteen don’t really mix well on occasions like this – 🙂


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