TomTom rugby tackled me in the scullery, so I reached for his belt and lifted his rear end with one hand so he no longer had traction on the ground.

Uh Oh! Something ‘went’ in my lower back there! I lowered his butt and bent down and caught my breath. Ooof!

‘What’s wrong, Dad?’


Will have to think twice before doing anything like that again!


‘What’s that under your eye, Dad?’ asks Jess.

I go to the mirror to wipe away a speck of dirt or maybe some ‘sleep’.

But no, it’s a sag bag under my left eye! A great big bag has suddenly ballooned!

So my right eye looks 60 and my left eye looks 80.

Farkin’ splendid.

I have aged twenty years in one weekend!

I took a selfie.


Got rid of the lil bastids and went for a walk in the Palmiet.

With adults.

Older than me.

That was better.

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