That’s Haram, Dad!

Mohamed came to play, then ended up staying the night.
Mom Rookaya, in answer to my query, said “just not pork” so I thought I had meals under control.

Supper I pick up a packet of pasta and say “Here’s yours, you guys. Cook it yourself” to the two nine year olds.

NO DAD! THAT’S HARAM! says my TomTom.
HARAM. You can’t give that to Mohamed!

Oh. I look at the packet: Cheese and bacon Carbonara. Oh, OK.

(Phew! You saved my bacon, boetie, I think. And who woulda thought TomTom would know these things, I think).


Later we go down to Vetch’s beach where they reflect on things . .

Tom Mahomed Vetch's Beach (7)

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