Some lunch: The Sky Moved!

Aitch’s Dad made interesting school lunches for her way back in the days that she attended some sandstone school in Muizenberg or somewhere. So she feels moved to enhance the kids’ lunches. I would give them peanut butter sarmies 5/7, but Aitch makes “tortoises” in a jaffle iron, meat sarmies, hot dogs, eg.
This week she made the resident grade one pastafarian his favourite best: Two minute noodles AND macaroni n cheese. In separate compartments of his high-tech lunchbox.

That afternoon she couldn’t wait (cool is not one of Aitch’s traits): “What did you think of your lunch today, Tommy?” she urged, expectantly.
And bless him, he rose to the occasion.
“Mom!” he said. “When I opened my lunch Mrs Button was ‘ghast!”

Um, really, TomTom?

“Yes. She was astonished and asked Where are your sandwiches?
“And I laughed so hard that the sky moved”.

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