Fort Knox

Security is not me. We have just come off a long spell in which my gate motors 
have been disabled so all you had to do was slide the gates open manually 
and stroll in. This followed a two year spell in which we had no burglar guards 
(after the renovations).

We now do have burglar guards again because insurance  wouldn't cover us 
in the unlikely event. And then I decided last week that getting out of the car to 
slide open the gates is only fun when you have 12- and 16-yr old slaves riding 
with you. Which is not always. Also, finding four knee-high neighbourhood kids 
who have drifted into the house unannounced staring at you as you get out of 
the shower must stop.

So I say to to the gate man "While you're fixing the gates, can you fix my 
intercoms? I want friends to be able to open them without buzzing and waiting. 
I want to give them a code so they can simply punch it in and Hey Sesame."

No problem he says and "fixes them".
By replacing them with keypads, so now the ONLY way you can get in is by 
knowing the code. We can't speak to anyone at the gates, they can't buzz us 
and we can't open the gates without a mobile remote (which is kept in the car).

So its MORE like Fort Knox in some ways, not less. Except already all the 
neighbourhood kids know the code (which is 1234). So much for keeping THEM out!

Bloody hell . . . I'll be starting over this week. There's got to be a way . . .
Maybe I'll just stand at the gate . . .

Later: All fixed now. Friends and neighbours can breeze in using their codes (the last four digits of 
their own cellphone numbers). 
Everyone else can buzz, we can hear them on intercom and buzz them in. 

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