Bogey Bird . .

. . nailed at last!

I have heard a thousand bufftails (buff-spotted flufftails). Particularly at Hella Hella where we weekended monthly for ten to fifteen years, and on the Mkombaan in Westville where we lived for fifteen years) and although I searched and stalked and lay in wait, and saw two dead ones – cat got it, and flew-into-plate-glass – a sighting has evaded me till now. One would hoot right outside my bedroom window, metres away, but I never caught a glimpse.


Thanks to Pigeon Valley’s tireless champion, Crispin Hemson reporting on his birding regularly, I went on Sunday to Pigeon Valley and saw a spotted thrush at the entrance, and then that flufftail up at the fence line along King George V avenue. At last!

A male bird, who ducked into low dense thicket just outside the fence.

bufftail-pigeon-valley Crispin’s pics

This was a big bogey bird as far as a sighting goes! Must be around thirty years of thinking “soon I’ll see one”.

Can a pitta be far behind?

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