Jessie – More Show & Tell

After she had showed the Barnard heart transplant file to the class, Jessie’s teacher said “Didn’t your Mom also sail yachts, Jess?” (she knew, and was drawing my Jess out of her shyness).

Back home she comes and says “They want to know if Mom really sailed a yacht”.

So another album gets dusted off and the tale of the three yachts is told:
– 36ft fibreglass Danné from Cape Town – St Helena – Brazil – Caribbean;
– 85ft aluminium hull, wooden deck Chrismi II as a charter yacht in the Caribbean;
– 60ft wooden sailing ketch Drumbeat to Bahamas – Bermuda – Azores – France.

Aitch the navigator – like an ancient mariner, with chronometer, charts and sextant.

Aitch at the helm of Drumbeat !!
Aitch at Drumbeat’s Wheel

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