Aargh! Tongue Piercing!

Dad, I NEED to have my tongue pierced.

WHUT? Sure. After you’ve left home and with your own money.

I have my own money, Dad I saved up for it.

WHUT? Then after you’ve left home.

No Dad, MOM SAID . . .

Thin ice here. Gotta think fast! Um, find out all about it. Tell me more. Then find out who does it in Durban and who has had it done and how good they are and how do we know they’re good and are they safe do they sterilise when can you eat afterwards . . . and what if the hole in your tongue makes a whistling noise when you talk . .

Dad! Relax! I’ll find out.


I don’t mean “OK” – I mean find out.

I get it Dad!

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