Luxury Birding

Bird Collages

Finally got round to making a collage of some of the birds we saw up in Zululand a few years back. Aitch and I went for a breakaway luxury weekend. It was dry – very dry – and the lodge had a water feature running right under the sundeck. Every bird from miles around (as well as all the animals) had to come here to drink.

It was perfect! Aitch was not so strong, so we chose to skip the game drives and ensconced ourselves comfortably on the deck, binocs, camera and telescopes handy. Tea or beer or coffee or gin would arrive at regular intervals. Mealtimes we walked ten metres back into the dining room!

Thanda Zulu (birds) (2059)

Thanda Zulu (birds) (1346)

Map Thanda-001


  1. bewilderbees says:

    Thanda up in Zululand, between Hluhluwe and Mkhuze (west of the N2).


  2. Petrea says:

    Magic! Where was this?


  3. headhuntbds says:

    For a “pleb” absolutely magnificent. Needed by me was you writing on each pic the name of the bird. Do you know a double click really blows it up to incredible detail. Have cut and pasted it to Hempsen.


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