Well, Are You?

Jess made a confession today.

When she got to Wendon she was eleven. In her class was Michael Z. He has a fulltime au pair who accompanies him to school and sits in all their classes. Mrs Tracy S soon became a firm favourite of the girls. They now call her Mrs S after a firm lecture was given to them about not thinking she’s their classmate.

But at the time they called her Tracy and Jess lurved her! (still does). One day after break in which the girls had been discussing a matter of some importance to them, 11yr-old Jess plucked up the courage to ask 32yr-old Mrs S – who had been in the staffroom at break – an important question:

Tracy, she asked, Are YOU going to smoke when you’re older?

Jessie, Gareth, Tracy and tarryn
– Jessie, Gareth, Tracy –

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