Happy Wanderers. Again.

Happy Wanderers

This time in winter. Tom loved it. Caught many small blacktail, karanteen, bronze bream, one shad and stayed on the rocks for hours.
I had to fetch him and march him to the showers threatening not to feed him till he smelt civilised.
Jess and friend Jordi lay in their tent and watched videos. Could just as well have been at home. Then she asked to go home a day early (after 4 nights instead of 5). Tom said fine so we got home today instead of tomorra. Suits me.

When we got there Monday I found I had only forgotten the tent poles, flysheet, groundsheet, kettle and food, but otherwise we were Be Prepared like Boy Scouts. So we ate at the restaurant, the girls slept in the back of the bakkie, Tom slept on the front seat and I slept under the stars. It rained, but I was warm despite my ear filling up. Tuesday I went home and fetched the above-mentioned and we were snug as bugs thereafter.

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