Road Safety and the Elderly

On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Pete swanepoel wrote:

Subject: Re: A PBH solution for the Brauers of the world

I’ve been very worried about people driving Audis into school walls, but I feel a bit better now, as a Pretoria Boys High (PBH) boykie has put his mind to a solution for the big Audi / Brauer problem and here’s what he has come up with:

Automatic Cars – Google is not the only company that thinks auto-piloted cars are the future. Tesla has estimated that their time frame for having automated cars on the road is “within the next 3 years.” So Elon Musk says we could be seeing cars running on auto-pilot as soon as 2016.

None too soon!! This way we could have inebriation AND safety . . among certain elderly drivers.

——– Original message ——–
From: steve reed
Subject: Re: A PBH solution for the Brauers of the world

Regarding Audis getting driven into school walls, I need to be updated in this regard.


On 2014/01/18 18:04, pete brauer wrote:

Would you like an accurate version or will you settle for Koos’s Clive Nel-ified version?

From: pete swanepoel home

All I’m saying is:

– Golf
– Beer
– Audi
– School wall


  • Damage to the above two (the car and the wall – the elderly greying culprit /suspect largely unharmed due to being limp at point of impact).
  • Lo-ong boring tales of walls ambushing unsuspecting cars in the depths of Gramadoelas suburb in TSwanie at the dead of night.   * yawn *

On 2014/01/20 01:37 AM, pete brauer wrote:

Total distortion of facts. ‘Twasn’t beer. … whiskey, mate.

From: Pete swanepoel

That’s a worrying development. I get worried when people start drinking stuff that slides down easily and stinks less when belched up.
I feel that beer and red wine allow your companions to know more about your drinking habits, and give earlier warnings about ‘when’s enough’.

Just by looking at his white flokati rug one night Mike Lello knew a lot about Milk Stout and the Rainbow Club.


From: Bruce soutar

To fill you in –

At the RAINBOW Jazz Club in the Pinetown taxi rank they serve their beers in ‘quart’ bottles (750ml). Swanepoel ordered a Castle. He noticed the guys next door were drinking Black Label and saw theirs was 5,5% alcohol while Castle was only 5%, so he ordered a Black Label next. Then he saw some okes drinking Milk Stout and noticed that was 6% alcohol so he smoothly oozed over to Milk Stout and then stuck with it. Many, many milk stouts later we decided to gate crash Mike Lello for a “last drink” on the way home.

They were sitting down to supper.

Pete S feeling hungry, sat in Mike’s chair and polished off his supper.

Then had an urge to burp?……but did not quite make the toilet bowl.

Hence the flocked–up-carti rug.


TMI !! As I was saying, self-driving cars – that’s what we need.

Driverless Car

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