Bella Got Old

Bella became Aitch’s most beloved dog of all, eclipsing TC the Original and even Matt the Beloved. It was a tall order to take Matt’s place in Aitch’s heart but Bella did it by following her like a shadow, paying attention, winning her obedience classes – and by sheer longevity.


She reached the ripe old age of seventeen years and died just before Aitch. She’s buried at 10 Elston Place; whereas TC, Matt and Bogart are all buried at 7 River Drive.

Here TC is not happy with this newfound nuisance! Not another black puppy that’s going to end up bigger than me! The third one!

Aitch with TC & Bella; She sure loved her hounds (especially Bella, hey TC!)

In her final obedience trial at Canine Academy, she and Aitch got into the finals with a friend and her pedigree Alsatian. They were neck and neck until the time they had to do “go away” things (as opposed to “come here” things). Bella went as told; found what she had to; waited there until asked, then brought it to Aitch. Meantime the Alsatian stumbled a bit at that task. In congratulating her, her friend turned to Aitch and said, “If you asked Bella to fly, she would!”

Here’s Aitch with Bella facepaint, and both disguised as fairies, with haloes and wings:

– Bella’s main goal in life was to please this woman – Aitch shoulda stuck out her tongue and they’da been twins! –


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