Zippy Jess

Lake Eland map small
Lake Eland small

Jess took to ziplining like a duck to water. Calm and unfazed, she’d inspect the gear, make sure all was hooked up and away she’d go without a blink.

She’d been a little nervous before, so I had sat her down and said, ‘Jess, it’s a very strong cable, well attached on both ends and has a breaking strain of three tons. You weigh less than one tenth of one ton, so you’ll be fine. The extra cable also has a three ton breaking strain. Your harness and safety cable can each hold a ton. So you’re fine, kid.’ She nodded.

So how did she do? Check her out! My brave girl. Nonchalant even.



    1. No, it’s 4km of down, down, down in ten sections, then a short sharp ride back to the top in a 4X4.


    1. I think much the same cost. Tom stayed in the car. His loss.
      It’s 4km of zipline in ten sections and then you catch a 4X4 ride back to the top.
      Brave? She listened to the multiple safety factors (you’re really secure!), checked that all connections were made and then relaxed.


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