Bruce in a Tiger Moth

The de Havilland Tiger Moth is a tailwheel biplane first built in the 1930s. It was used by the RAF and remained in service until the early 1950s. Many of the military surplus aircraft remain in widespread use as recreational aircraft.

The de Hairless Soutar is a tale-spinning Jaguar driver first built in the early 1950s. He was used by the SAAF and remained sort-of in service until the early 1980s. Surplus to military requirements, he nevertheless is still widely seen recreationally.

He recently went for a spin in a moth-eaten jacket and sent me some pics:

Astonishingly, this plane is older than, yet in better condition than, this pilot!



  1. headhuntbds says:

    Interestingly I remain 22″ forever.
    The blue TIGER is an original colour. The leather jacket is an original War issue and R18 000 IRIVIN aviation jacket made under license in the UK by the same factory. Given to me by a friend. Pretty useless living in Durban. We do the Midlands. Out Landing for tea.


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Lovely stuff! I’m chuffed to personally know an ancient WW2 aviator who wears clothes as old as himself!
      Is this the airfield where we tried to take off in my kombi? Maybe if we’d jettisoned you we’d have made it.


  2. louis says:

    You have old friends. How is that possible?


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Old? Ancient.


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