Some Valuable Life Skills

The ability to be happy.

A sense of humour!

The ability to be happy while also being alone.

Resilience – the ability to bounce back, the courage to come back:



Life won’t always be fair to you. The ability to bounce back and the attitude of not giving up on life is a rare trait worth trying hard to cultivate.


The ability to make people laugh!


The ability to forgive and forget.

Self Discipline : The only skill you require to master any other skills or habits.
The ability to express your thoughts:
express yself - what i think

The ability to learn (also from your mistakes).

The ability to let go – Of Stuff and of Guilt and of Blame.

Getting out of your comfort zone:

life begins at the end of

Being completely honest with yourself, and both strict and patient with – even kind to – yourself.

Realising how fortunate you are. The knowledge that you have enough already. 

The ability to love yourself – and then to radiate that love outwards.

The willingness to try new stuff with enthusiasm.


These answers were given by various writers. I chose the ones I liked best and can learn from!

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