Tembe Elephant Park

Yes, said TomTom, he’d join us! YAY! So we head back to Tembe Ele Park after nine years.

It rained and the sun shone and we had grey skies and then it rained hard. We ate well, drank a bit, got wet and had a lot of fun. Jess had a little wobbly when this tusker approached the vehicle, but he was chilled and just ambled past us.

Tembe Ele GIF

Tembe Ele Park-002

There was no wifi, but Tom simply set up my phone as a hotspot and ate my data, his problem solved.

It rained; It cleared.

Tembe Ele Park-001

Tembe Ele Park-003

Tembe Ele Park Feb2018 (250).jpg
There’s a webcam here: See http://tembe.co.za/

We had a lovely time and I do believe I’ll get Tom out to a wild area again. I’ll not rush it though, I’ll bide my time.

Tembe Ele Park Map Brochure.jpg





  1. Jon Taylor says:

    Lekker – Did Tom and Jess remember their last visit when they were hiding under the seats of the game viewing vehicle to escape the eles that peered in at the visitors?


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      They did! And this time an ele came MUCH closer. Tom was stoic, Jess had a small wobbly but the old ele just marched right on by.


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