Old Geezers and Wheelchairs

Me ole Mum has slowed down somewhat. Walks with a walker now. But she’s still young – only turns 90 in September. We were discussing mobility this morning as she had a friend visit her who ‘can hardly walk’ according to Mom. ‘It took ages to get her into the house from the car and then just as long back to the car’ says Mom. ‘I told her she should get a walker like mine’ she said.

I said she should actually get a wheelchair. Makes it easier for everyone. Mom fully agreed. I said ‘For example: If you and I were to leave your house, walk down the driveway, cross the road and then walk back, it would take us ages with you and your walker. With a wheelchair I could whizz you there and back at normal walking pace’. Absolutely, she agreed. Quite right.

‘So shall I get you a wheelchair?’ I asked.

“FOR ME? OH GOODNESS NO! I DON’T NEED A WHEELCHAIR!” she said emphatically.

When we’d stopped laughing we agreed: Advice is only good in the giving.


Come to think of it, over my lo-ong career of listening to old bullets I wonder if I ever heard a one of them say “I need a wheelchair”. Nope. Not one. Just like I don’t think I ever hear a single old goat say, “I think I need a hearing aid.”

What’s that!? Speak up, please. Don’t mumble.

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