Yay! Fathers Day

Breakfast at Badgers in Helen Joseph Road with Jess and two of her mates. A large greasy soulfood brekker on a windy Durban morning.

They gave me a present, too. The bill.


Meanwhile, Tom and a mate had gone off to have a haircut in downtown. On their return they offered me their Fathers Day pressie: A large braai with them doing everything including the buying. All I had to do was pay.

I saw them get a bonfire blazing and some time later this evening a plate was marched in, loaded with beef short ribs and boerewors with a token vegetable teetering on the edge: a chicken wing, braai’d golden brown.

I shoulda taken a pic but I only remembered halfway through. Delicious! Washed down with Cardboardeaux – a 2018 vintage.

Jess also made a card:




  1. Jon Taylor says:

    Well done dad! So Jess’s nonsense is a manifestation of her love – had a laugh at that double bind she threw you:-)


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      “Love you SO much that I feel obliged to give you a hard time!”


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