Come Wipe My Bum!

Little Azo – full name Azokuhle – has been a feature of our home all her life. At nine years old she still calls me “Dad’s Jess”. “Dad’s Jess, there’s a tick on the floor here!” she has just called out.

This reminded me of way back starting out with kids. I was 43 before I changed my first nappy, but – thanks to disposables – I was an old hand at it by the time this happened:

At River Drive ca. 1999,  various Moms had dumped some children on me and gone off to play. Left me holding the babies, as it were.

From halfway down the passage came a yell “Jessica’s Dad! Come Wipe My Bum!” Took me aback somewhat, but I found the source of the shout, then it’s bum and did the necessary.

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