Fuckit the Fig Fell!

I don’ believe it! In a high-wind storm the beautiful big old fig tree which made the corner – it was THE feature of that whole block! – at the top of our road fell down!

Fig Fallen (2)

I stopped to look, and Jess and Sindi spotted each other. Sindi came running across from Juke’s Pizza where she was working. Typical Sindi, a run, a hug, much to tell:

Fig tree fallen Sindi running

Fig Fallen (1)

Fig Fallen (3)

Fig Fallen (4)

Here’s the worst part: Seems we don’t have any pics of the old tree standing! We’d taken it for granted and now it’s gone!

I searched my albums and found ONE pic of it standing earlier this year – but barely visible in the dead of night! If you use your imagination you can catch its outline way in the background between Lungelo and Tom’s heads:

mom-bday-lupa-Tom Lungelo.jpg



2 thoughts on “Fuckit the Fig Fell!

  1. headhuntbds

    Have a fig about two meters high in a pot I can donate. Wonder if an age thing reach “150yrs” and die. Noticed a number a magnificent fall. Or is it water table drop?


  2. Jon Taylor

    Hope you are planning to EXECUTE a replacement planting of another one. I will bring refreshments. At least it was a natural cause of death and not the municipal chainsaw gang.


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