Look! There’s a Bottleneck!

My carguard Bridget knows I’m a wildlife n nature fan so she usually has something in that vein to tell me.

Lately she’s been watching a weekly TV program about the sea.

Today she couldn’t wait to tell me about the shark whales;

“You must just see these shark whales! They’re the biggest sharks out!” she says as I open my car door;

I said It’s the biggest fish in the sea, that whale shark. She looked at me, too polite to tell me I’m talking kak.

“Anyway,” she says, “the shark whales were fighting with the dolphins but now they’re playing together. The bottleneck dolphins.”

You can learn a lot from octogenarian Bridget. She says she’s going to watch Safari Live next.

dolphin whale shark.jpg
A bottlenose and a whale shark

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