Childhood Trauma

Back in 2005 our kids were quietly acquiring wisdom and knowledge (and singing and dancing skills) from an impeccable source – me – when they received a setback: A weekend visit from the Brauer at 10 Windsor Avenue. Old Pete visited. Luckily with Terry.

The bribery started immediately:

Brauers visit 10 Windsor (1)

It took effect:

Brauers visit 10 Windsor (2)

Precariously, reluctantly, ominously (more words here) I had to go to work Saturday morning. I KNEW this did not bode well. Indoctrination intensified in my absence. Sugar-laden indoctrination.

When I got back it was too late. You think corruption is bad nowadays? It was worse back then: The kids were now calling HIM Clever Pete and ME Old Pete!

It took a long while for Tom to recover:

Oh, no! The Brauers are coming?!

I don’t think he was – I sure hope he wasn’t – bemoaning the fact that fate had given him a paleface barber who obviously didn’t know what he was doing.



  1. bewilderbeast says:

    I wrote:
    I’m still paying for ferapy . . .
    Terry wrote:
    Love it ! All old Pete’s fault. When was I ever THAT young. ?
    Brauer wrote:
    That was the start of your kids REAL(istic) education. Hope it stuck. The “home schooling” worries me – no policeman!!


  2. Peter Brauer says:

    And I was calling them Clever Kids . .


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Correct! They were milking you for suckers (in both senses of the word) and playing you like a trout.


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