Jessica turns 21

She’s Twenty One Today!

My lil Jess turned 21. I don’t know how that happened. One minute she arrived, aged two and two days:

– Jessie’s first morning with us –

the next she took over our home:

– can’t stop – things to do . . –

and here she is, a fully grown woman!

Let’s plot a few milestones to remind ourselves of the journey of my lovely best daughter in the whole wide world: JessiePops!

– her Moms. The top two pics are her Tummy Mummy Thembi, the rest are her Mom Trish:

– Jessie’s Moms – tummy mummy and mummy mummy –

– birthdays, well, some of them:

a few Jessie birthdays
– Jessie’s birthdays –

– holidays

– Jess holidays –

– concerts

– Jess in salmon and two friends right in front on the left – Azo in pink, Sindi in black –

– game reserve trips & a field guide course

– Jess at eHlatini on Bhejane field guide course –

in the background . . .

She had a party: She organised it all and had a few good friends round.


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