Moth-Eaten Friends

Bruce Soutar thinks I know things, so he sends me stuff. Which I really enjoy! ‘What’s this?’ he often asks. This was a moth on his car in Mbona, an ‘eco estate’ in the KwaZulu Natal midlands.

– what’s this on my BMW? he asked – bragging –

Of course, I immediately knew – after asking Roy Goff of African Moths. He identified it as Pingasa abyssinaria – ‘a regular from that end of the continent. It has an unusual resting posture which often makes people notice it.’

Common name: Duster. Bruce’s picture (shown) is better than any of the pictures I could find on moth websites – not bad! Maybe we can call it The Mbona Duster? Thank you to African Moths and Christeen Grant’s magic Midlands nature blog for info and the use of their pictures temporarily till I found Bruce’s pics.

Judging by the beautifully fringed trailing edge of its wings, I’d guess it flies very quietly – the better to dodge bats and nightjars and other predators.

Unlike this Moth with Moth-eaten passenger which flies anything BUT quietly.

– Bruce has a thing about moths – and he looks better all covered up in this 1947 Tiger Moth –
– another Bruce moth – from their Masizi Kunene Road home in Durban –


– more old bullets –


– ah! that’s better – Heather in the Tiger Moth –


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  1. Like your MOTH comparison. Except the Blue one is a 199 vintage belonging to a friend Derek Holmes. We often bumble around the midlands Richmond, Boston, Craige Burne, Mbona. Karklooff Polo Club, Albert Falls. Looking for grass strips and breakfast. As you likely know Tiger Moths don’t have brakes which requires grass and zig zig taxi to slow down.

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