Lazy Sunday Rainy Sunday

I woke to a confidential sort of murmuring / chirping outside my window. What birds are those, I wondered and peered through my window, then my bathroom window. Then I went to the scullery and peered through the window. Still nothing, so I opened the top of the stable door and they scattered.

Six Banded Mongooses on the back lawn outside my bedroom window! What a lovely sight! Had I been awake I’d have taken a camera to the door! Last week Jessie had called me to the lounge: ‘Dad! What are those! Come look!’ and showed me three mongooses on our front lawn. Hope they’re here to stay.

A lovely morning so I set off early for Pigeon Valley.

– a Pigeon Valley morning –

Soon after I got home the rain started – lovely lazy day listening to the rain on the roof; eating TomTom’s macaroni cheese, lots of bacon; its quite dark so maybe the sun is over the yardarm, I’ll have some vino now without looking at the clock.



  1. jonadsteamcoza says:

    Talking of mongi – on my daily walk on Friday I came across a large troop of monkeys – I guess 30 or so – having an AGM in the street, and in the back row was a bunch of about 8 heckling mongooses. My intrusion into their meeting had them all galloping off down the road into the Palmiet – probably to continue on the right bank in your neck of the woods.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bewilderbeast says:

      On the right bank we have decorum. No heckling, no galloping . .
      mongooses mongeese mongi


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