Bufftail Hoot

It’s been a long time since I last heard the plaintive, mournful-sounding hoot of the Buff-spotted Flufftail, Sarothrura elegans, while lying in my own bed. But the last few nights he has been hooting gently outside my window in Westville above the Palmiet River:

– sound from xeno-canto.org – thank you –

Hope they stay awhile . . .

– crispin hemson pic from pigeon valley durban – thank you –

I heard it for fifteen years at 7 River Drive on the Mkombaan River in Westville, but although I searched and stalked and lay in wait at all hours, the only one I saw was one the bloody next door cat killed! Something like this:

– not my pic –


And then at last I saw one of Crispin Hemson’s tame*** flufftails at Pigeon Valley in Durban. One lone male. And just for a few seconds before he ducked into the undergrowth. I was pleased to see one of Crispin’s pictures has been used in wikipedia.

*** not really tame – just on his famous patch!


Friend Rob Davey is a security camera boffin. He aimed one at his birdbath out north of Durban:

List of Birds of 7 River Drive – my patch

Mkombaan River valley, Westville KZN – Jan 1989 – Dec 2003

Breeds – Y means we have seen an active nest or young fledglings being fed here.

Spotted ThrushSeen three separate winter-times in 15 years
Kurrichane Thrush
Olive Thrush

Narina TrogonThree times in 15 years, once stayed a week
Pigmy KingfisherThree times
Brown-hooded KingfisherNests in a bank in Deon’s yard next door (no. 5)Y
Malachite KingfisherOnce
Olive Bush-shrike (ruddy formOnce – stayed about a week. Lovely song
Orange-breasted Bush-shrikeHeard quite often, seen about three times
Black SparrowhawkRaises a chick here most yearsY
GymnogeneRaises a chick here most yearsY
Crowned EagleFlying & calling overhead
Fish EagleFlying & calling overhead
African GoshawkResident King of the woodsY
Black-headed HeronFlying overhead
Pied CrowFlying overhead
Barn Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow

Rock Martin

White-rumped Swift

Little Swift

Palm Swift

Reed CormorantOnce, flying overhead, then circled and landed in the Mkombaan River!
Woolly-necked StorkPerched on a garage roof at top of our valley!
Bush BlackcapOne winter, stayed ten days
Willow WarblerArrives every summer from frosty England
Red-backed Mannikin

Bronze Mannikin
Bar-throated Apalis

Yellow-breasted Apalis

Rudd’s Apalis !!?Unlikely, yet seen close-up by Trish and I on potplant on the driveway! Nov 2003; Needs verification!
Natal FrancolinHeard often, seen once
Buff-spotted FlufftailHeard very often, never seen
Red-chested CuckooJuvenile seen once in fig tree over pool
Emerald CuckooIncluding a juv being fed by Olive sunbirdy
Klaas’ Cuckoo

Black Cuckoo

Diederik Cuckoo

Longbilled Crombec

Tambourine DoveOften
Emerald-spotted DoveSeldom
Red-eyed DoveMost common dovey
Laughing Dove
Ring-necked parakeetOnce, flying past into no. 14
Fiery-necked nightjarHeard often, seen twice
Paradise flycatcherNests every yeary
Dusky FlycatcherNests every yeary
Blue-grey FlycatcherNests most yearsy
Spotted FlycatcherA few visits
Black Flycatcher
Purple-crested LourieNested in Umdoni tree on River Drivey
African HoopoeOnce at top of River Drive
Red-billed Wood HoopoeHave nested in our nestboxes about 3 timesy
Lesser HoneyguideOften
Greater HoneyguideSeldom
Scaly-throated HoneyguideSeldom
Sharp-billed HoneyguideTwice
Blackbellied Glossy StarlingsNest most yearsy
Green TwinspotSeen four times, heard more times
Long-tailed WagtailUp & down the river, occasionally next to pooly
Cape WagtailNests in Dracaena outside front door
Pied WagtailNext to pooly
Southern BoubouHeard all the time, seldom seeny
Golden-tailed WoodpeckerNests most yearsy
Cardinal Woodpecker

Olive SunbirdThe Boss; Once raised an Emerald Cuckoo chicky
White-bellied SunbirdUsually behind house, seldom in front garden!
Collared SunbirdNests most yearsy
Black SunbirdOccasional
Grey SunbirdOften
Black-collared BarbetAlwaysy
Crested BarbetOnce
Golden-rumped TinkerAlways
HamerkopOften – heard more than seen
Yellow-billed Kite

Burchell’s Coucal

Grey-headed SparrowSeen twice
Streaky-headed Canary

Yellow-eyed Canary

Bully Canary

Tawny-flanked PriniaNests every year in long grass above washliney
Natal RobinTrish’s friend – also spotted chicks most yearsy
White-browed Scrub-robin

Southern Black Tit

Terrestrial BulbulOutside bedroom window
Black-eyed Bulbul
Sombre Bulbul

Black-headed Oriole

Black Cuckoo-shrikeIn fig tree most years
Fork-tailed Drongo

White-faced Whistling DuckWhistling high overhead at night
Cape White-eye
Bleating Bush Warbler


Indian Mynah

Cape Glossy Starling

Plum-coloured Starling

Thick-billed Weaver

Spotted-backed Weaver
Spectacled WeaverNests every yeary
Forest WeaverSeldom
Blue-billed Firefinch

Common Waxbill

Grey WaxbillRegular in early years, scarce lately
Swee WaxbillTwice
Redwing Starling

Chin-spot Batis

Cape Batis

Hadeda Ibis
Sacred IbisFlying overhead
Speckled Mousebird


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