Jessie’s Album as Slideshow – Safari 2003

On our trip up north in 2003 Aitch and five year old Jessie kept a diary; when they got home they made this picture album as a memento of the trip. Enjoy the slideshow!

(Slides change every four seconds. To pause a slide, click in the top right corner. To speed it up or to go back, use the arrows).



  1. eduardolibby says:

    Lovely album! Something to open up in 20 years and relive good memories!

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    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Thanks! and For sure! She looks now already, 17yrs later; The little guy should look at it now, as he remembers little of the trip. But he’s 18 now and “far too busy” for boring stuff like this! 🙂 – He’ll look at it in 20yrs, as you say.

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  2. Harry says:

    What an awesome piece of history for Jess (and you and Tommy) to cherish, Pete! Should be made into a book… Jess’ First African trip diary…

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