Planned Insurrection

Failed – for now

Let’s get this straight: I understand people’s anger towards the criminal looters. I just hope we both understand who the criminal looters are. Not the people stealing food, grog, tv sets, clothing, etc. The people stealing millions and billions from our treasury. From every government department, from every tender.

They wear suits, drive fancy cars and MANY of them are white, or Indian and/or foreign. Many in government, but MANY in business, preying on the state coffers. One Turkish bunch of thieves wants a billion Rand A MONTH from us to supply dodgy, dirty electricity, and Gwede seems very keen to give it to them!

The washing machines looted go into houses nearby; The billions looted go offshore, never to be seen again.

So aim your anger at the looters and bay for justice. But please aim it at the REAL looters.

As for the unbelievable damage and the destructive fires, I think the same background rich looters probably instigated the chaos in a failed attempt at overthrowing the few ANC leaders trying to slow down their looting.

Be angry with men in suits plundering the state coffers.


My personal damage:



  1. Gayle Adlam says:

    Hi Pete – So sorry to see that your shop was looted. i hope that you are able to get it back together again fairly swiftly.
    And I agree that all the big state looters should be held accountable!
    Much love – Gayle

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  2. Harry says:

    Agree, Pete! Sorry to hear your store has been damaged!

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    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Great sadness. For my kids, my staff, my practice, my country.


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