Yay! and About Time!

Last week, the USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a long-anticipated report to Congress examining the repair restrictions facing consumers, along with a summary of arguments for and against those restrictions. Its conclusion was stark: There is “scant evidence” to support manufacturers’ justifications for restricting repair, while the solutions repair advocates have proposed are “well supported” by their testimonials.

Advocates say that compelling disgusting companies like Apple, Tesla and many others (who often told bald-faced lies to the commission) to release parts, manuals, and diagnostic information needed for repair will make fixing broken devices faster and more affordable. Ultimately, this will encourage us to maintain our stuff instead of replacing it, resulting in less environmental harm and electronic waste.

May this spread everywhere.

And it’s coming here! In South Africa from 1 July 2021, new car owners won’t be locked into restrictive embedded motor or service plans and vehicle manufacturers won’t be allowed to void warranties if owners choose to go with an independent service or repair provider. Until now, South Africa has felt trapped by these restrictive embedded motor and service plans. This is why the Competition Commission began a process in 2017 to bring our country more in line with places such as the USA, Europe and Australia.

Yay! Every time companies lose in their lying ‘FTC’ bids, we potentially win. To see how they fight ugly and fight dishonestly for their RIGHT to ‘FTC’ is astonishing!


FTC – Fuck The Customer – coincidentally could also mean the Federal Trade Commission in the USA!


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