I Found Neil’s Slides!

I wrote a while ago how I found Neil. Well, now I found boxes of Neil’s old Kodak slides in a shoe box in Janet’s kist.

So now to digitise some of them for Janet. Here’s my quick and easy hack for doing it: Phone camera on macro setting, PC screen as a lit backdrop, juggle till you’re focused – make sure there’s nothing but white as a backdrop – and fire!

– with macro you go much closer –
– a macro shot – now you crop the pic using the cellphone software –

. . and here are a few of the results. I have posted a lot over at the Humphrey Family blog.

Here’s Neil’s kit:

At first the slides were 99% of cute little twin girls, but gradually as they grew up he started taking pics of other things! Eventually it was down to only 80% cute little twin girls:

Who knows what car that is? Click on the ferry pic and see if you can ID Neil’s car in the early 1960s. Probably a late 50s model? – Ah! Don Reid came up with the identification, thanks: A 1950s Peugeot 203. I love its lines!

This is a quick and easy method to digitise your slides NOW. I’m sure there are better ways, but getting round to it . . . . . well, procrastinators will know. This way they’re imperfectly saved, but they’re saved and available.



  1. Don Reid says:

    Looks like a Peugeot 203 from the 50’s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Ah, thank you! Sure does!


  2. JP says:

    Neils car can only be a Beetle on steroids


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