Afriski: Next Gen

The niece and the nephew took a husband, a wife, and two kids each and took over the St Moritz snow week at Afriski in Lesotho. The next generation! They went up Sani Pass. Thank goodness for the snow machines as there was no ‘free snow from heaven’ on the ground!

Afriski Over The Years

Skiing became sad, you had to snowboard. Friends joined us to fill up the 11-bed chalet over the years. Youngs, du Toits, Naudes, Chriches and Ogilvies. The instructors were great to the kids. Bronwyn, Brad & Wynand were special faves! Some years there was free snow, some years only the machine snow. The older theContinue reading “Afriski Over The Years”

Afriski 2014

*** publishing now, but a story I wrote six years ago after our annual winter trip to Lesotho – just ‘parking it’ for the archives! *** The resort has taken another leap forward this year under PIN management since they got 51% share and with that, management control. Most noticeable was the parking, the roadsContinue reading “Afriski 2014”

Back from Afriski

James gets First Prize – takes after Ma!   Just got back last evening. Nine slow hours there on Thursday, and nine hours back today. Dawdled through the Oos Vrystaat. Saw jackal (Tommy spotted him just outside Clarens), mongoose, springbok, blesbok, hartebeest, white-tailed gnu, zebra, grey rhebok, and lotsa birds. Sterkfontein full to the brimContinue reading “Back from Afriski”