Avos and Maritzburg Ous

Ole man had an avo today. Sheila bought it for him.

When I was little, Ouma used to pick avos for us – much bigger ones than these little ones – and she used to cut them in half, throw away the pip, fill the hollow with sugar and we would eat the whole thing with a spoon.

Avos were free. Everyone had an avo tree. Nowadays they cost a fortune. Robert – his grandson – has just sent his first crop to Europe from his farm in Tanzania. One container load of avos. I think he got R874 000.

And those avos we had were big! Not like these tiny things you get today:

Guess what I did with the avo Sheila bought me today?

Dunno Dad, tell me.

I cut it in half, threw away the pip, filled the hollow with sugar and ate the whole thing with a spoon.

It’s been over ninety years since I last did that!